bb is a hex calculator for the console. bb makes working with hexadecimal numbers as painless as possible.

See the files README and FEATURES for details.

Some features of bb:


Here is the current list of operators to give you an impression what bb can do:


    +           addition
    -           subtraction
    *           multiplication
    /           integer division
    %           remainder
    //          floor of real division
    %%          modulo (zero or same sign as divisor)

    &           bitwise AND
    |           bitwise OR
    ^           bitwise XOR

    unary -     negation
    unary ~     complement

    <<          shift left
    >>          shift right
    s>>         signed shift right
    <<<         rotate left
    >>>         rotate right

    u*u         multiplication with zero/zero extension
    s*u         multiplication with sign/zero extension
    u*s         multiplication with zero/sign extension
    s*s         multiplication with sign/sign extension

    u/u         unsigned division
    s/u         signed/unsigned division
    u/s         unsigned/signed division
    s/s         signed/signed division

    :hi#        select high # bits
    :lo#        select low # bits
    :msb        select MSB
    :lsb        select LSB
    :#          select bit #
    :#-#        select bit range (can use 'msb' and 'lsb' in place of #)
    :(...)      select bit list, eg. :(0,5-msb)

    [...]#      put in a box of # bits width
    unary ^     unbox
    unary ^s    unbox signed

    <-          name binding

NOTE: The # in this list are decimal numbers that are regarded as
      quoted by bb -- and therefore always interpreted as decimal.
      You cannot put expressions there.

NOTE: Many operators only exhibit their special behaviour when
      working on boxes (ie. values of fixed width).

NOTE: The division and remainder/modulo operators satisfy the
following equations:

	(a /  b) * b + (a %  b) == a
	(a // b) * b + (a %% b) == a


bb-0.1.0 (.tar.gz)
bb-0.0.0-prototype (.tar.gz)

See the file README in the tarball for more information.


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