hask2e translates Haskell types to something resembling English.

I wrote this program in an effort to learn the Haskell language. Maybe you find it useful | amusing.

When you start the program it asks you to enter a Haskell type. Example:

edwin@yukon:~/dev/hask2e$ ./hask2e
Enter a type (nothing to quit):

Enter a type, as it may occur after '::' in Haskell. (Context is currently not supported, so you have to omit the '... =>' part, if any.) Example:

[Int] -> a -> Int

hask2e then tries to translate this to English. Example:

This is a function taking
    a list of Ints
and returning a function taking
    a value of type `a`
and returning an Int.

The IO Monad is treated specially. Try 'IO Int', for example.

Maybe I'll find the time to add translation of contexts, other standard Monads, etc.

Have fun!


hask2e-0.0.2.tar.gz (source) added support for tuples

hask2e-0.0.1.tar.gz (source)

See the files README and COPYING for more information.

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