mapview is a package for viewing maps on a Palm OS handheld. It comprises two programs:

a Perl program for building maps from image files,
a Palm OS application for displaying the maps on your handheld device.

mapview is free software distributed under the GPL.

See the README file for requirements, compatibility and other details.


Some screenshots of mapview displaying the demo map (320x320 pixels screen):
screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

mapview displaying a low-density greyscale map:
screenshot screenshot


mapview-0.2.3 (.zip)
mapview-0.2.3 (.tar.gz)
mapview-0.2.2 (.zip)
mapview-0.2.2 (.tar.gz)
mapview-0.2.1 (.zip)
mapview-0.2.1 (.tar.gz)
mapview-0.2.0 (.zip)
mapview-0.2.0 (.tar.gz)
mapview-0.2.0-rc1 (.zip)
mapview-0.2.0-rc1 (.tar.gz)
mapview-0.1.4 (.zip)
mapview-0.1.4 (.tar.gz)
mapview-0.1.3 (.zip)
mapview-0.1.3 (.tar.gz)
mapview-0.1.2 (.zip)
mapview-0.1.2 (.tar.gz)
mapview-0.1.1 (.tar.gz)
mapview-0.1.0 (.tar.gz)

See the files README and COPYING for more information.

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