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Welcome to the World of Voom!

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(Screenshots from the German version.)

What is World of Voom?

World of Voom is an artillery game created by Edwin Steiner. It was inspired in the 90s by the game Tank Wars. World of Voom is turn-based and can be played by 1-10 players on a single PC. There is a wide array of weapons to choose from, and the available computer players range from amusing morons to extremely challenging opponents.

See the screenshots above to get an idea how the game looks like.

World of Voom runs on Linux using the Simple DirectMedia Layer.


21 Jun 2004 World of Voom has been ported to Linux and is now free software licensed under the GPL! The Windows port is no longer supported.
16 Dec 2001Alpha 2 released, which does not depend on CYGWIN1.DLL.
16 Dec 2001Created site and uploaded alpha 1 versions.

History of the game

I wrote the original World of Voom as a 16bit MS-DOS game in 1995, when I was a highschool student. The game Tank Wars was very popular then (at least at my school) and I decided to create an improved clone of it from scratch.

I spent a significant portion of my youth coding World of Voom in Turbo Pascal, drawing all the bitmaps (using a self-made drawing program linked to a self-made SVGA library), etc. Surprisingly I finished the project and the result was actually quite good for a freeware game then. It was the first SVGA game I owned.

In 2001 I ported the game to Windows and DirectX to keep it alive. (The original game would not run on modern systems anymore.)

In 2003 I ported the game to Linux and SDL and in 2004 I finally made it free software.


The DOS game Tank Wars may be found at The Underdogs. It is said there that the game was made by Kenneth Morse.

Porting World of Voom to Linux would not have been possible without the following great free software projects:


World of Voom is free software and may be distributed under the terms of the GPL.

Note that there is NO WARRANTY for this software!


If you just want to play the game all you need is one of these binary packages (see README for instructions):

World of Voom II (Linux, 2y rc 1, English)~110 KB
World of Voom II (Linux, 2y rc 1, German)~110 KB

Source code (for hackers):

voom_2y_rc1.tar.gz ~140 KB

The Windows port is no longer supported. You can still download the binaries here:

World of Voom II (Windows, 2x alpha 2, German)~140 KB
World of Voom II (Windows, 2x alpha 2, English)~140 KB


There is a document describing the first steps of installing and playing the game.

Known problems

The following problems are known. Please don't report them as bugs, they will be fixed in future versions if possible.

(none right now)

Bug reports

If you think you found a bug, please consult the list of known problems first. If the problem you found is not in the list, please send a bug description to this address using a subject containing 'voombug'.

Thanks for visiting and have fun!

Edwin Steiner

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