World of Voom - First Steps

by Edwin Steiner

Purpose of this document

This documents tells you how to play your first matches in World of Voom. It is not a comprehensive manual for the game! (Such a manual does not exists at this time.)


See the README file for instructions.

General hints regarding the user interface

Using the mouse

Left clicking generally lowers a displayed value.

Richt clicking generally increases a displayed value.

During the match you can fire by pressing both mouse buttons at the same time.

All other actions are performed by left clicking.

Using the keyboard

Most elements in the game can be controlled by the keyboard. The arrow keys, the Enter key and the Space key are used most often.

Highlighted letters can be used to activate buttons.

See the section 'The Match' for a list of key strokes you can use to control your tank in a match.

Main Menu

After starting the game you see the main menu. You can change options with the left and right mouse buttons or with the arrow keys.

The following options are available:

WallsYou can choose the kind of walls that the playing field should have. (See section 'Walls' for further explanation.) Random means select the type of walls randomly for every match.
WindYou can choose, how strong the wind should be. In all settings except None, the exact wind speed is selected randomly for every match. Random means that even the order of magnitude of wind speed should vary from match to match.
TechnologyThis options specifies how advances the weapons should be, which you and your opponents will be able to buy.
Computer buysThis option specifies if computer players will buy stronger weapons when they can afford them, or if the will always use standard shells.
TeamplayThis option specifies, if the players will be divided into teams, whose members cooperate with each other.
MatchesThis option specifies, how many matches should be played. You can always add additional matches during the game.

Click Start to proceed to the Players menu.

Players Menu

There is a display showing the number of players and the list of players. If you have selected teamplay, you will also see a display showing the number of teams and the list of teams.

First select the number of players (and teams) by left/right clicking the digital displays or by pressing '-'/+'. (You can change between players and teams with the Tab key.)

For each player, you can enter a name, which kind of player he or she will be (Human or one of the computer players), the color of the player, and optionally the team of the player.

For each team, you can enter a name.

Start the first match by clicking Start.

The Match

What's all this stuff on the screen?

In the upper 3/4 of the screen you see the playing field containing the tanks and the landscape.

The lower 1/4 of the screen is your control panel. Here you can select the weapon, angle and power which you are going to use for your next shot.

At the bottom of the screen is the status line.

The status line

It is very important to look at the status line before shooting! The status line displays the type of walls of the playing field, wind speed and direction and the current player.

Useful keys

You can use the following keys to prepare and trigger the shot.
LeftRotate turret left.
RightRotate turret right.
Ctrl-LeftRotate turret to 0 degrees left.
Ctrl-RightRotate turret to 0 degrees right.
Alt-LeftRotate turret left by one degree.
Alt-RightRotate turret right by one degree.
Shift-LeftRotate turret left by 1/10 degree.
Shift-RightRotate turret right by 1/10 degree.
HomeFlip turret to the other side.
UpIncrease power.
DownDecrease power.
Alt-UpIncrease power by 1.
Alt-DownDecrease power by 1.
Ctrl-UpIncrease power fast.
Ctrl-DownDecrease power fast.
Page UpIncrease power very fast.
Page DownDecrease power very fast.
Alt-Page UpIncrease power by 100.
Alt-Page DownDecrease power by 100.
Ctrl-Page UpMaximum power.
Ctrl-Page DownZero power.
Space or EnterShoot.
TabSelect the weapon.
Shift-TabSelect the weapon group. (If several are displayed.)
Ctrl-QQuits the current match (not the whole game).
Ctrl-KInterrupts the current shot while the projectile is in the air.


There are different kinds of walls for the playing field. It is very important to consider the kind of wall when preparing a shot.

Note: The lines drawn at the sides and at the bottom of the playing field are not related to the current kind of walls! Check the indicator in the lower left corner which displays the current kind of walls!
NoneNo walls.
StickyThese walls reflect projectiles while decreasing their speed by 50%.
ElasticThese walls reflect projectiles without changing their speed.
FastThese walls reflect projectiles while increasing their speed by 50%.
WarpThese walls act as if the playing field was wrapped around a vertical cylinder, so that the right edge and the left edge of the playing field touch each other. So projectiles 'hitting' the left wall, come out of the right wall and vice versa.

Result Screens

After each match a screen with the list of players, their scores and the number of their victories is displayed.

You can use Matches to add additional matches to the game.

Click Continue to go on.

Buying Equipment

If at least one player has earned enough money to buy anything, the screen of the equipment store appears. Here you can browse through several categories of equipment and select the items you want to buy.

You can add items to our shopping cart by right clicking, and you can remove them by left clicking. (You may also use the arrow keys to select items, and the Tab key to switch between different weapon categories.

The blue numbers show, how much money you have and the equipment you already own.

The yellow numbers show, what you have selected to buy, and how much money you are going to spend on it.

If you have selected all the items you want to buy, click Ok to continue.

Note: Only press Enter when you have finished shopping!

Edwin Steiner